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The Suzuki program at Moorestown School of Music consists of weekly individual lessons, group classes twice a month and frequent performances throughout the school year.


Instruments offered for ages 4 and up are violin, cello, piano and guitar. The age the student begins is based on readiness determined by the parent, teacher and Director. Parents attend all lessons and classes, supervise at-home practice, and create a music learning environment in the home, where they provide frequent music listening experiences both in the Suzuki repertoire and in all other types of music.


Before registering for lessons the parent and child observe at least one individual lesson and one group class. At the completion of the observations, enrollment may proceed if the teacher, parent, and child all agree. When the teacher has a waiting list, additional observations are encouraged and listening to Suzuki repertoire should begin.


Parents are not required to have prior music training; the first few lessons are split between student instruction and parent education. The attending parent learns how to be a "Suzuki parent". This parent takes primary responsibility for a) attending lessons, b) attending group lessons, c) practicing with the child, d) playing recordings for him or herself and the child and e) reading and studying Suzuki materials.








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